You are currently viewing Encouraging Community Engagement for our Students – #8

We will be discussing community engagement, why it’s needed, how the law has impacted it, and how schools can encourage growth in this area.

  • Why should we focus on creating a healthy relationship between schools and the community at large?
  • How has U.S. law impacted educators ability to engage their community?
  • How can schools begin building strong relationships within their community?


  • Equity Partnerships- A Culturally Proficient Guide to Family, School, and Community Engagement by Angela R. Clark-Loque, Randall B. Lindsey, Reyes L. Quezada, and Cynthia L. Jew
  • DeNisco’s Rice University study of family and community engagement (2017)
  • What Parents Want From Public Schools? by O’Brien (2017)
  • Family, School, and Community Engagement Rubric from Equity Partnerships (Click the link to be taken to it).

National Reports Discussed

  • Coleman Report (1966)
  • A Nation at Risk (1983)
  • No Child Left Behind (2002)
  • IDEA (2004)
  • Every Student Succeeds Act (2015)

Additional Resources

  • Harvard Family Research Project (2012) Family engagement and children with disabilities: A resource guide for educators and parents
  • Quezada, Reyes L., Alexandrowics, Viviana, & Molina, Sarina (Eds.) (2015) Family, school community engagement and partnerships: An imperative for k-12, and colleges of education in the development of 21st century educators
  • The Leadership Conference Education Fund (2017). The 2nd Annual New Education Majority Poll (May 2017). Black and Latino parents and families on education and their children’s future
  • Thompson, Gail (2003). What African American parents want educators to know
  • Weiss, Heather B., Bouffard, Suzanne M., Bridglall, Beatrice L., & Gordon, Edmund W. (2009) and Reframing family involvement in education: Supporting families to support educational equity
  • Zarate, Maria (2007). Understanding Latino parental involvement in education: Perceptions, expectations, and recommendation.
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