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We will be discussing what equity has to do with social justice, how injustice has have affected American schools, and how schools and teachers can combat Injustices within their schools.

  • Can you briefly define equity and how it relates to social justice?
  • How have Injustices affected schools within America?
  • Systemic Injustices are such a complex issue, what can our schools do to combat this?
  • How can teachers as individuals address social justice and equity in their classroom?



Equity Partnerships: A Culturally Proficient Guide to Family, School, and Community Engagement by Dr. Angela R. Clark-Louque, Randall B. Lindsey, Reyes Quezeda, EdD, and Cynthia L. Jew, PhD.

Case studies cited:

School Choice, Gentrification, and the Variable Significance of Racial Stratification in Urban Neighborhoods by Francis A. Pearman II and Walker A. Swain

Does Neighborhood Gentrification Create School Desegregation? by Kfir Mordechay and Jennifer B. Ayscue


Open Up Resource’s “Does Your School Have an Anti-Racism Plan?

Reading with Relevance

21 Day Challenge by Bexley Anti-Racism Project

Becoming Anit-Racist Chart by Open Up Resource:

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